SNOW EMERGENCY – Thursday, March 16th

SNOW EMERGENCY – Thursday, March 16th

Atwood Property Management has declared a snow emergency. On Thursday, March 16th, the plowing companies will be clearing all parking lots. Please have your vehicle removed from the lots by the times indicated to avoid being towed. Also, please do not return to the parking lots until the plowing companies have completely finished and left the property.

Please note that while the plowing companies work diligently to stay on schedule, delays can and will occur. The times listed are not guaranteed times the plowing companies will arrive, but are the times towing will begin to ensure the parking lot is cleared of all vehicles before the plows arrive.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as the plowing companies works to keep our lots clear.


Thursday, March 16th

  • 9:00am    Cedar Meadow (upper) 701, 711, 721
  • 9:00am    Commodore
  • 9:30am    Parkway
  • 10:00am    Meadowview
  • 10:00am    Rita Road
  • 10:30am    Char Mar
  • 11:00pm    Cedar Meadow (lower) 731 & 741
  • 11:00am    East Welcome Estate
  • 11:30am    Balcerzak Place
  • 12:00pm    James Courtyard
  • 12:00pm    Quads
  • 12:30pm    James Place
  • 1:00pm    James Edge
  • 1:00pm    Southwood (upper) Lily Street and behind 504 & 612 buildings
  • 1:30pm    State Street
  • 2:00pm    Campus Village
  • 2:00pm    Lyd Townhomes
  • 2:30pm    Knollcrest
  • 3:00pm    Southwood (lower) all lots along James