Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help make your stay with us as easy as possible. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. Not seeing your question? One of our customer service reps would be happy to help, fill out the form below.

What are your move-in procedures?

Unless other arrangements have been made, on the day of your lease start date, come to our office at 209 S 2nd St in downtown Mankato, Suite 100. Be sure the total rent due is paid and all lease paperwork completed. We will review the information with you and issue your keys from there.

When will I receive my CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid)?

You will receive your CRP no later than January 31st.

What is my account balance?

Account balances and open charges can be viewed online at your Tenant Web Access account. CLICK HERE

How do I create a Tenant Web Access Account?

Visit the Tenant Web Access website (CLICK HERE), enter the email address you originally provided to us and your phone number (with dashes).

I am no longer able to access my account.

If you recently changed your lease (added a roommate, someone in your lease vacated, etc) you will have a new account number and need to link the accounts together. Visit Tenant Web Access (CLICK HERE) to create a new account with the email and phone number (dashes included) you provided to us. You will be prompted with “The email is in use with another account. Would you like to link?” Enter your current password and it will link the two accounts together.

I don't see any charges on my account.

If you recently had a lease change, you will need to either link the accounts together (see previous question “I am no longer able to access my account.”) or just switch accounts. To switch accounts, please go to the upper right hand corner where either your name or roommates name appears. Click on the drop down box and click “Switch Accounts”, and select the current account.

Where do I find my account number?

Your account number is on your statement which is emailed monthly. This is located in the upper right hand side of the statement.

What are the late charges on my account?

One late charge is 8% of any unpaid rent on your account as of the 6th of each month. There is an additional late charge of $25 each month if the PDLW (insurance alternative) is not paid in full by the 6th of each month.

What does PDLW (Property Damage Liability Waiver) cover?

Fire, smoke, explosion, water overflow and sewer backup damage caused by the tenants. This will also have a $250 deductible if a claim is filed.

When can I expect to receive my security deposit refund?

Final Account Statements are prepared as quickly as possible after the end date on your lease agreement. Minnesota Statute 504B.178 states that the return of the security deposit must be within 21 days OR written notice must be provided as to why there has been a delay.

When I move out, how can I get my security deposit back? Can I use it to pay rent?

Security deposits may not be used for paying rent. The purpose of a security deposit is to pay for any damage cause by the tenant or their guests. If you do not pay rent, including the last month, you will be subject to eviction proceedings. You are entitled to an accounting of your security deposit. Please reference the cleaning checklist provided to ensure you are leaving your home in acceptable condition.

Do you have an emergency line for tenant and building emergencies?

Yes. Tenants can call 24/7/365 to our number 507-388-9375 in case of any emergency. For fire, police or medical emergencies, please call 911 immediately.

Do you run background checks on tenants?

Yes, we run credit and criminal background checks on all prospects. We check criminal history, credit history, employment history, and rental history including past evictions.

When is rent due?

Your rent is ALWAYS due on the first day of the month. Your rent is late as of midnight on the 1st, but we give you a grace period until the 5th. If your rent is not received by our office by 5:00pm on the 5th day of the month, your account will automatically be charged a late fee of 8% of the unpaid balance. This late fee amount is due with your rent payment.

How do I pay my rent?

Cash is NOT ACCEPTED, for security reasons. Log into your Tenant Web Access (CLICK HERE) account to pay your rent.  Paying by eCheck is free, paying by Credit Card has an additional fee. You can mail/drop off your rent in to our office and put your address/unit # on the memo of your money order or cashiers check. Personal checks not accepted, convenience fees may apply.

What happens if I don't or can't pay my rent?

You should notify our accounts receivables department IMMEDIATELY by calling our office at (507) 388-9375 or emailing pay@atwoodliving.com. Failure to communicate with our office can and will typically cause you to be forwarded to collections for an Unlawful Detainer.

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