Management Services

Thank you for inquiring about our services. Our mission is to help property owners maximize the value and performance of their property by focusing exclusively on real estate property management. We provide clients with personalized and comprehensive service that covers all facets of the industry. Our qualified staff focuses not only on the day-to-day operations, but also on the long-range goals, objectives and strategies for each individual development.

The highly trained and professional staff is ready to face the challenges of property management and remains responsive to the market. We are uniquely qualified to address changes in legal and legislative requirements, housing inspection issues, public assistance programs, and other issues challenging property owners today. Our commitment to the implementation of new technology, continuing education, training, and membership in industry-related professional organizations results in cost-effective services.

We have a strong commitment to enhancing the benefits of property ownership and look forward to establishing a working relationship that ensures the profitability of your property.


Looking for assistance in leasing only? Need help with your financial accounting? Tired of those 3AM maintenance emergencies? We offer department only programs to assist property owners in the day-to-day operations of their property. Call Matt Atwood at 507-388-9375 for more information.


Whether you own a single family home or a large rental complex, if you are considering renting out your home, switching management companies or if you’re self-managing and looking for the peace of mind of having a team step in and handle it all for you, request a free, no-obligation, market analysis. We will share our extensive experience in the Minnesota rental market to answer questions like: How much rent can I charge? How can I increase my return on investment? How can I protect my property?

Atwood Management is a member of the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association. We know the local market, we have an extensive network of contacts, and we have advertising resources available to us at discounted rates. This allows us to effectively market your property to prospective residents.

Experienced management staff answering incoming calls and emails 6 days a week

Facilitate prompt viewing of properties at tenants convenience.

Automated online application process for quick processing.

List your property on all of the top rental housing websites.

List your property in local print publications.

Photos taken of your home for tenants to view online.

Prepare leases and other required documentation on behalf of owner.

We are a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management and a licensed MN r.e. brokerage.

Tenants are invoiced monthly and can pay their rent through the mail, by bringing it to the office or electronically via their checking account or credit card through our website. This will give the tenants every opportunity to pay their rent on time. This also enables us to deal with issues immediately.

The owner distribution checks will be electronically transferred to the owner’s bank account. The funds are usually deposited to the owner’s account by the 10th business day of the month.

We collect damage deposits which are typically one month’s rent. (Minnesota State Law requires interest to be paid at lease termination to the tenant.)

We coordinate all maintenance and emergency repairs through our maintenance staff and contractors.

We understand and apply federal, state, and local laws, helping protect you and your investment.

We enforce collection of rents and serve the proper notices upon failure to pay.

Utilize court and collections agencies for any delinquent rents or money that is owed.

Certificates of Rents Paid are issued out to renters at year’s end for tax purposes.

After you add up the increased rent we can often collect, the shorter time you spend waiting for rent checks, the discounts you’ll receive on advertising, and the company rate we get on repairs, you’ll often see greater cash flow than if you managed the property yourself!

Home-Owner Associations? We manage those too! Everything from association dues, accounting, budgeting and more.

From residential leasing and tenant screening to rent collection and professional maintenance, Atwood Management offers a portfolio of services that protect and increase your residential investment property values. We stand secure with more than 150 properties, 1200 units, thousands of residents and hundreds of satisfied owners and investors. We are also proud to offer our services to home-owner associations, managing more than 400 units and counting. Bring your investment properties to their full potential today. Give us a call for your free consultation.

All fees are negotiable. We customize our proposals to best fit the needs of the property. Call Matt Atwood at 507-388-9375 today to request a free analysis and proposal of our management services for your property.


Our goal is to help establish and maintain a profitable association,a desirable property, and increase property values.


To assure continued proper management, Atwood Management will provide the following at the direction of the Board:

  • Employees who are bonded
  • Competitive insurance rates by getting routine bids for your property
  • Annual budgets and quarterly financial statements
  • Review of income and operating expenses
  • Competitive pricing by obtaining bids for services
  • Coordinate snow removal, lawn care, common area maintenance and more
  • Assist the Board of Directors with preparing and holding the annual meeting
  • Work with your accountants regarding their financial reports and tax returns
  • Check common areas of property on a regular basis
  • Perform banking functions on your behalf

In providing the most comprehensive management of your association, the Board of Directors will receive the following information each quarter:

  • Checking account balance
  • Savings account balance
  • Taxable income or loss (year to date)
  • Income statement
  • Income & expenses (actual to budget)
  • Check register of bills paid and amounts
  • Accounts receivable
  • Board has online access to financial information 24/7


In setting up the most effective income collection system, Atwood Management will follow these proven procedures:

  • Owners may sign up for email reminder about monthly dues
  • Owners may elect to pay dues online
  • Owners may authorize a free Direct Payment each month
  • Delinquencies are monitored continuously


Atwood Management, working to add value, will guarantee the following policies to be established on your property:

  • Recommend optimum, yet affordable dues to provide quality services to the owners and to maintain or establish a savings reserve
  • Maintain open communications with the owners
  • Help establish sound association policies
  • Compliances with government regulations affecting owners
  • Select, train and direct personnel
  • Ensure contractors are properly licensed & insured
  • Maintain care of property including preventative maintenance
  • Emergency after hours contact
  • Review & comply with association documents
  • Internet accessibility for maintenance requests


Association management starts at just $15 per unit per month. Call Matt Atwood at 507-388-9375 for more information.


CIC Disclosure: $125

Supplemental info: $85

PUD: $85