Meet our Staff

The Company Legacy

The Atwood companies had a humble and courageous beginning in the early part of the 20th century and has continued the family tradition of quality service and professionalism in the real estate industry to the people of Southern Minnesota.

After graduating for the University of Minnesota in the early 1930’s, F.C. Atwood founder, moved to Mankato from St. Cloud, Minnesota. In 1934, he founded the F.C. Atwood Land Company.

In 1954, Mr. Atwood’s son, Charles Atwood joined the firm and continued the family legacy of Real Estate service. Charles focused on multifamily development to grow the rental market in Southern Minnesota.

Continuing the family tradition, Charles Atwood’s son Tom joined the company as Resident Manager in 1981, becoming the third generation legacy. In 1984, Tom became a Broker with the firm. Realizing the need for expanded services, Atwood Land Company eventually became Atwood Property Management.

Today, two of Tom Atwood’s sons, Matthew and Michael Atwood, lead Atwood Property Management as fourth generation owners in the family companies.

Growth, diversity, quality customer service and high ethical standards have always been an integral and consistent part of the Atwood Companies plan.


Matthew Atwood

President, Owner

Michael Atwood

Broker, Owner

Leasing & Management

Mystique Deegan

Leasing Consultant

Noah Dendinger

Leasing Consultant

Brooke Graves

Leasing Consultant

Kayla Sanders

Leasing Consultant

Kristi Schultz

Regional Manager

Administration & Customer Service

Sereen Bidwell

Lease Administrator

Natalie Boehm

Customer Service Representative

Melanie Born

Customer Service Representative

Samantha Kaul

Customer Service Manager

Carrie Reid

Administration Manager

Bette Schweim


Accounting & Financials

Greg Guhlke

Financial Controller

Arlene Herzberg

Accounts Payable

Christine Jensen

Accounts Payable

Valerie Rieff

Accounts Receivable

Raissa Touré

Accounting Assistant

Maintenance & Facilities

Earl Busse

Maintenance Caretaker

Lois Busse

Maintenance Caretaker

Bobby Jo Eckstein

Maintenance Caretaker

Brad Gohla

Maintenance Technician

Bryan Johnson

Maintenance Technician

Gordon Kemi

Maintenance Lead

Brandon Londgren

Maintenance Lead

Rory McGregor

Maintenance Technician

Todd Miles

Maintenance Technician

Ethan Muell

Maintenance Technician

Larry Randall

Maintenance Technician

Joe Schmit

Maintenance Lead

Wendy Schwab

Maintenance Caretaker

Sara Verschelde

Maintenance Caretaker

Office Pets

Theodore Roosevelt